Elizabeth Warren took aim at the Trump administration, accusing the president of “wallowing” in “corruption.”

Just days after taking her first formal step toward a presidential run in 2020, Sen. Elizabeth Warren took aim at the Trump administration, accusing the president and his cabinet members of “wallowing” in “corruption.”

However, in her interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, the Democrat from Massachusetts did say the U.S. should pull its troops from Syria -- a rare moment of agreement with the sitting president.
Still, Warren lashed out at Trump for much of the interview. “We’ve lived through two years of Donald Trump as president … We have lived through two years of one scammer and grifter after another running federal agencies, running our government.”

Warren said she believed Republicans have made excuses for Trump’s bad behavior because he's made good on certain promises such as repealing ObamaCare and tax cuts for the rich.

She also accused the Trump cabinet of “wallowing in the corruption” and policy-making that benefitted only the rich and large corporations.
“Donald Trump is an accelerant,” she said while admitting that any Republican president would aim to make similar achievements in office.

“I see him as what happens when corruption invades a system that gets a little bit corrupt, and it gets a little more corrupt, and it gets a little more corrupt, and it gets bigger, and they get bolder and bolder and then you end up with someone like Donald Trump.”

Warren, who has been vocal about domestic issues in recent years, was asked about her lesser-known stances on foreign policy.
“Are you asking me whether or not I think foreign policy ought to be conducted by tweet? The answer is no,” she said after agreeing that she did think Trump was correct in his decision to withdraw troops from Syria. Warren added that the U.S. should pull its troops from Afghanistan as well.
Warren announced last Monday she was forming an exploratory committee ahead of a possible White House bid in 2020.

Canadian arrested outside White House allegedly wanted Trump's advice on finding a wife: report

A Canadian man arrested Wednesday on suspicion of moving a White House security barrier said he wanted to deliver two bottles of Crown Royal whiskey to President Donald Trump and solicit advice on how to find a wife, authorities said.

Yianny Georgopoulos was arrested by D.C. police and faces an unlawful-entry charge.

In an interview with U.S. Secret Service agents, Georgopoulos allegedly said he wanted to deliver the bottles of whiskey to the president, NBC Washington reported.

Authorities said Georgopoulos moved a bicycle rack that had posted warnings that the area was restricted just after midnight. He reportedly exited the area after several commands from a Secret Service officer.

Georgopoulos also allegedly admitted to investigators of a recent arrest for threatening family members and stalking a cousin, the station reported. The Secret Service did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment early Thursday.

New York resident develops bacterial infection after drinking raw milk from Pennsylvania farm: officials

A New York resident has developed a bacterial infection after drinking raw milk that likely came from a farm in Pennsylvania, the New York Department of Health announced this week.
The resident, who has not been identified, was infected with RB51 -- a strain of the Brucella abortus bacteria, according to New York health officials -- after he or she drank raw milk that officials believe came from the Miller's Biodiversity Farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. On its website, Miller's  says it's a “private food club” that  “allows its members access to buying food directly from farms and other vendors, bypassing the supermarket.”
The farm has been quarantined by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA). This means it’s barred from selling any of its products made from raw cow’s milk while officials continue to investigate.

That said, pasteurized dairy products from the farm “have been deemed safe,” the PDA said in a statement.
“Consumers who purchased unpasteurized cow’s milk or dairy products from Miller’s Biodiversity Farm in Lancaster County should immediately discard those products,” the PDA added.
Raw, unpasteurized milk can contain bacteria that can cause brucellosis, and a variety of other harmful diseases, such as listeriosis, salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, typhoid fever and tuberculosis, according to the New York Department of Health. Milk is pasteurized -- heated to a certain temperature -- to kill any harmful bacteria.
Specifically, symptoms of brucellosis include fever, sweats, weight loss, fatigue,  joint pain and headache, among other signs.

“Symptoms may appear up to six months after exposure. In severe cases, infections of the bones, joints, reproductive organs, central nervous system or lining of the heart may occur. The infection also can cause fetal loss in pregnant women,” the New York Department of Health explained.
The New Yorker infected with RB51 is “doing well” the health department said, noting he or she is the “third individual infected with RB51 due to raw milk consumption confirmed in the United States in the last two years.” The other two lived in Texas and New Jersey, respectively, and were diagnosed in 2017, the health department said.
"Raw milk products can contain harmful bacteria which can pose serious health risks. Pasteurization standards are in place to protect the public from diseases which are transmitted in raw milk and dairy products,” New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said in a statement. “It is critical for New Yorkers to understand the dangers of these products and avoid their consumption."

Indiana home on fire, killing three children, officials say

A deadly fire erupted at an Indiana home early Friday and killed three children, officials said.

Authorities received a call about the blaze in Tell City around 3:25 a.m. CST but couldn't get inside because of the flames, according to a news release from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Flames were “shooting from almost every window on the ground floor,” Tell City Fire Chief Greg Linne said, according to The Associated Press.

A woman and two children managed to get out, and told responders that three other children remained inside on the second floor, the news release said. Crews were only able to enter after the flames were snuffed.

The State Fire Marshal’s office reported that there were three fatalities. They were Danielle Plock Sims, 11, Thomas Plock Sims, 6, and Roseanna Plock Sims, 3, officials said.

The woman who escaped the fire, Selina Applegate, is the deceased children’s mother. AP said she tried, without success, to rescue the youngsters. She and the other two children are said to have sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

“I'm not sure how she escaped,” Tell City Police Chief Derrick Lawalin said of Applegate. “We do understand there were efforts made by her to reach her children.”

Investigators are working to determine how the fire started, however “the extent of the damage will make a final determination extremely difficult,” the news release said, citing the State Fire Marshal lead investigator.

So far, no working smoke alarms have been recovered from the scene; witness reports indicate that none were heard as the situation unfolded, the news release said.

Tell City Mayor Jim Adams called on the community to lend support to the family, noting that the holiday season “is supposed to be a joyous time.”

“I want to let everybody know we, as a city, we want to just wrap our arms around these family members because we want them to know they're not alone.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Charles Bronson claims he would not have bitten prison chief's nose off because he's 'a vegetarian and all'

Charles Bronson insisted in court November 14 he would not have bitten off the nose of a prison governor during an alleged attack saying: "I'm a vegetarian and all". The prisoner, who is currently defending himself in a trial at the Leeds Crown Court, U.K., made the comment while he was cross-examining Mark Docherty, a governor at Her Majesty's Prison (HMP) Wakefield who accused Bronson of attempting serious harm on January 25 this year. 
The jurors in court heard the 65-year-old inmate, who denied the charge of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent, had pinned the governor to the ground in the prison before a welfare meeting and allegedly told him: "I will bite you f***ing nose off and I will gouge your eyes out."

The Daily Mail reported Bronson assured everyone in the court: "I can assure you I have never bitten anyone's nose off in my life. Plus, I'm a vegetarian and all." Bronson demonstrated to the court how fast he could throw blows by punching his own hands in the dock. He is a serving prisoner at HMP Frankland in County Durham and said: "In three seconds, I could hit a man ten times in the face."

Addressing Docherty, Bronson then said: "If I had used both hands, I would have hit you 20 times in the face. Do you accept that?" When the governor then denied that, Bronson spoke of how, because of the speed at which the prison staff caught hold of him and moved him away, he was only on top of Docherty for three seconds and did not throw a single blow. He said: "But why did I not throw a punch? Because I wasn't going to punch you. I wasn't going to hurt you."
The court then heard Docherty suffered from a swollen neck, scratches on his face, and whiplash after the alleged attack. Bronson said outright he was struggling to contain his laughter at the thought the governor suffered from whiplash. He said: "I don't think that in a month of Sundays you had whiplash. I think you're trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. Is that true?" The governor indicated to the court that this wasn't true.

The jurors were told, before Bronson married actress Paula Williamson at the prison in November last year, he was told he and his new wife would be given just 22 wedding photographs, all of which were taken by prison staff, and no guests would be allowed to take pictures inside. Docherty said the prison staff, however, decided not to give the pictures to Williamson after they heard a member of the "paparazzi" was among the wedding guests.
Bronson asked the prison governor: "How do you feel about humiliating my wife? How do you feel about the fact that my wife was the only bride in Britain on that day not to have a wedding photograph? How would you feel if that was your wife or husband? I don't know what happens in your personal life, you may have a wife or a husband."

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Britain's most violent prisoner Charles Bronson is divorcing today's guest Paula Williamson - @PaulitaVonDita

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Questioning the governor on whether not handing over the pictures to his wife was possibly the motivation behind his alleged attack, Bronson asked: "Is it possible that all I was going to do was get you in a bear hug, a gentle one, and just whisper in your ear 'where are my wife's wedding photos?'." 
Carl Fitch, the prosecutor, said once the inmate was restrained, Bronson told officers he wanted to attack Docherty since November last year after he "disrespected my wife". Fitch said: "The prison would never allow these photographs to be taken outside the prison, as they feared that Ms. Williamson would give them to the media if they did."

"The Crown says that it is for that reason, among others, that [he] had a grudge against Mr. Docherty, who he held responsible for the withholding of these photographs." As the prosecutor was taking a big sip of water in the morning session, Bronson, who has served 40 years behind bars, was reportedly heard saying: "I hope that's not gin". The trial continues and will conclude at the end of this week.

Teenagers are boiling sanitary pads and drinking the resulting liquid in latest unhygienic way to get high

Children in Indonesia have found a strange way to get high by taking to boiling sanitary products in water and drinking the fluid in order to get a kick. Many children are reportedly taking to this bizarre way to try and get a buzz. 

Several police forces in Indonesia have reported numerous cases of this bizarre practice. The children all face a chance of catching something given how unhygienic the whole process is. It has been reported that once they boil sanitary products such as used tampons and sanitary pads and drink the liquid, the users gets high and feels like they are flying. People have also reported that the mixture can cause hallucinations.

Sanitary products (Source: iStock)
Sanitary products (Source: iStock)

According to a representative from the National Narcotics Agency, Senior Commander Suprinarto shared that the presence of chlorine in the mixture is what causes the high and gives the user the reported effects. He shared with Straits News, "The used pads they took from the trash were put in boiling water. After it cooled down, they drank it together". The whole process is neither against the law nor illegal.
However, many teenagers have been arrested for using the strange practice though it is not known whether they were ever charged. Indonesia has very strict laws and a zero tolerance policy towards drugs. 

Indonesia (Source: iStock)
Indonesia (Source: iStock)

An Indonesian advocate for safe drinking, Jimy Ginting, shared that this is not a new phenomenon and claims that teenagers around Indonesia have also been arrested for very similar charges. As reported by the Jakarta Post, he said, "I don't know who started it all, but I knew it started around two years ago. There is no law against it so far. There is no law against these kids using a mixture of mosquito repellent and cold syrup to get drunk."

Rock star Billy Idol became a U.S. citizen on Wednesday in Los Angeles, holding the American flag as he took the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance.

Billy Idol became a U.S. citizen on Wednesday in Los Angeles, holding the American flag as he took the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services tweeted out a collage of images of the 62-year-old rock star in the ceremony.
“It’s a nice day for a naturalization ceremony,” the USCIS wrote in a punny tweet. “Congratulations on Billy Idol on becoming a #newUScitizen today in Los Angeles, CA.”
The “(It’s a Nice Day for a) White Wedding” singer was born William Michael Albert in the U.K.
Idol moved to New York in 1981 to launch a solo career, after co-founding the punk rock group Generation X in the U.K., according to Daily Mail.
Palms Casino Resort and Live Nation announced Idol is returning for his second residency at the Pearl Concert Theater. The 62-year-old, known for such hits as “Rebel Yell,” ″Dancing with Myself” and “Mony Mony,” will be joined by his longtime guitarist Steve Stevens for the 10-show run in 2019.

WikiLeaks' Assange ‘has been charged,’ inadvertent court filing shows: reports

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, "has been charged," according to an unrelated court filing that inadvertently mentioned his name, reports said.

The New York Times reported that the filing was first spotted late Thursday. The reports did not indicate what charges Assange will face.
The Washington Post, citing people familiar with the matter, reported that the disclosure about Assange being charged is true, but it was unintentional.
Fox News emailed the Department of Justice early Friday for comment and did not immediately get a response.
A spokesman from the U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia told the Post that the court filing "was made in error. That was not the intended name for this filing."
The filing in which Assange is named is part of an unrelated case involving a 29-year-old man accused of enticing a 15-year-old girl, Reuters reported.
Assange faces a variety of potential charges, including the Espionage Act, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier.
Assange has been seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012 when British courts ordered him extradited to Sweden to face questioning in a sexual assault case. That matter has since been dropped, but WikiLeaks supporters have claimed that Assange fears being extradited to the United States if he leaves the embassy.
The Times reported Thursday that the filing was first brought to light by Seamus Hughes, a terrorism expert from George Washington University, who posted the highlighted item on Twitter.
It read, “Another procedure short of sealing will not adequately protect the needs of law enforcement at this time because, due to the sophistication of the defendant and the publicity surrounding the case, no other procedure is likely to keep confidential the fact that Assange has been charged.”
Prosecutors wanted to keep quiet on the charges in order to avoid an attempt by Assange to evade arrest, according to Reuters.
The Post reported that the disclosure came in a filing from Assistant U.S. Attorney Kellen S. Dwyer. He is reportedly also assigned to the Assange case.
In a series of tweets on Thursday, WikiLeaks called it an “apparent cut-and-paste error” and that the website, which shares confidential government documents, “has never been contacted by anyone from his [Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s] office.”
Barry Pollack, a lawyer who represents Assange, told the Journal that he hadn’t been made aware of any developments and condemned the notion of prosecuting him.
“We have heard nothing from authorities suggesting that a criminal case against Mr. Assange is imminent,” Pollack said. “Prosecuting someone for publishing truthful information would set a terrible and dangerous precedent.”
The filing comes as Mueller is reportedly looking into Roger Stone, an informal advisor to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, and whether Stone had an inside track and prior knowledge of WikiLeaks plans to release the hacked emails from the Democratic National Convention and then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to a New York Times report.
NBC News on Wednesday revealed text messages obtained from Stone that he claims vindicates him and his friend, radio host Randy Credico.
Credico denied having any insight into Assange’s plans, telling NBC "there's absolutely nothing there that I had any knowledge of anything that Assange was going to do because I didn't."