Hello, dear readers, you are welcome to my blog www.ipresstv.com. My name is Akpudje Mudiaga and I am the creator of www.ipresstv.com. Thank you for visiting my blog and I do believe you like my content too. I am a graduate of Biochemistry Technology from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

I like to please everybody, like reading anything new that will inspire me and give me new information. I like to observe people and also like to note others reactions to troubling challenges. I like to write and to teach. I am an internet freak since I was in high school and of course, without the internet, only a few persons would have learned about the experience I will be sharing on my blog. Did I forget to tell you that I crazily love science and innovations? Yes, that is me in a nutshell. 

www.ipresstv.com is a platform where topics I have gotten from personal experience about love, date, dating, and relationships is written out for people to learn from. I have experienced a lot when it comes to relating with people, clients, loved ones, spouse, business people and with my pets. I try my best to make my experience as simple to understand with clear direct English. 

Currently, I have above 700,000 page-views. Information on my blog is based on daily life experience and they are to the best of my knowledge. I also listen to true-life stories from other people and like sharing them here for others to learn. If you think you have a true life love, dating, or relationship experience that you want us to talk about then you can also mail us at the address below. 

You can contact me at contact@ipresstv.com in case you have something you want to discuss with us.
 Or can visit my office which is at East/west Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, 500102,  Nigeria.