19-year-old auctions her virginity so she can study and help her family; bids cross $1.3 million mark

A British teenager is expecting to sell her virginity for over £1million ($1.3 million) in order to live a better life, help her family and finance her education.
The 19-year-old from London known only as Amy wants to "change her life for the better" and help her family. She has signed up with Cinderella Escorts in order to fulfill her dreams. Amy, who is a "verified virgin" per the agency's website, plans to travel the world with her earnings aside from paying for her university fees. According to her, she has thought "long and hard" about the decision.
Amy says she has already been on a couple of dates with her prospective clients — a German businessman, a Wall Street banker, and a football player — and has called all of them "extremely cool."

According to Cinderella Escorts, they have a medical certificate from a doctor as "proof" that Amy is a virgin. Nonetheless, medical expert say it is difficult to verify someone's virginity as the hymen can be ruptured or damaged even without having intercourse.
Before agreeing to appear on the website, Amy claims to have been assessed by a psychiatrist and has researched the bidding process well. As of the moment, the bid for Amy's virginity stands at €1,200,000 ($1,387,075), but that is temporary and the bids could go as high as €2million ($2,312,138), Daily Mail reports.
Amy said: "I want to sell my virginity through Cinderella Escorts because I have thought so long and hard about this. It is a real chance to change my life for better, a chance to help my family and to give them something back. To help them as much as they have helped me. I would love to travel the world, and to be able to support my education. I realise that I have an amazing opportunity by selling my virginity."

In order to cement a deal and make sure it is a "serious offer", the agency demands a 10 percent deposit from the highest bidder. After it is confirmed, the pair would travel to Germany and book a hotel for their night with the 'Cinderella' escort. Selling sex is legal in Germany.
If prospective clients are unsure of Amy's virginity, there is a provision to consult with a doctor in Germany to "make sure that Amy is a true virgin." They are even allowed to bring in a medic of their choice to verify the same.

That said, Amy describes herself as a shopaholic who loves drinking champagne, eating sushi, and traveling the world. She strongly defends her decision to put a price on her virginity, saying, "It's my body and I feel I should be able to do what I want with it."

Many critics say this has become a worrying new trend wherein teens across Europe are selling their bodies to rich and, in many cases, older men for money.

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