Four teens brutally beat, kick and drag 12-year-old boy and steal his iPhone and expensive Nike sneakers

A shocking video has emerged from California that shows a group of teenagers violently attacking a 12-year-old middle school student and then running off with his expensive sneakers. The boy, who did not want to be named by the media, can be seen in the video outside a home in Elk Grove talking to one of the teen suspects at around 3:30 p.m. on September 28 while sitting on his bike.

All of a sudden, three other teens can be seen running towards the victim. The teen who was talking to the boy shoves him and the victim falls. All four teens then start punching, hitting, and kicking the boy who lay defenseless to the barrage of blows he was receiving from the four teens.
Even though it looks like a lot is happening to the victim, the entire incident only lasted 10 seconds. Right at the beginning of the footage, one of the suspects can be seen kicking the victim on the head while he was running towards the boy. The victim can be seen trying his best to cover his body and the other boys can be seen repeatedly attacking him on the head and torso, The Daily Mail reported.

The suspects can then be seen rifling through his pockets quickly and then pulling his Air Jordan sneakers off his feet before running away. The entire incident ended as quickly as it began and the teen suspects were seen running away from the fallen 12-year-old. The suspects then hopped into a waiting car that speeds away. A member of the public was then seen approaching the child from the top of the screen but it is unclear if they knew what had happened shortly before they arrived.

Authorities received the footage from a private residence and posted it on social media. This ended up being the perfect strategy to catch the suspects who have all been apprehended. The four teens were all booked into the Sacramento County Juvenile Hall on October 1.
Authorities then reported in a statement: "Elk Grove Police Department officers and detectives have been investigating the crime throughout the weekend. With the assistance of the community, witnesses and the work of our officers and detectives, we were able to identify all four juvenile suspects and took them into custody this afternoon."

According to the police, the four suspects who have been apprehended are all 16 or 17 years old. They are all facing charges of robbery and conspiracy. One of the teen suspects also faces an additional charge of assault with a deadly weapon. The police have announced that the case is on-going and currently still under investigation.

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